Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rag Heads on Twitter!

The Taliban has recently started tweeting on Twitter! Then on May 12th they began tweeting in English. They have been tweeting about their accomplishments in the Middle East, which have been extremely exaggerated. They claim to have killed a total of 81 soldiers, a spy plane, 23 vehicles, and 5 U.S. tanks. New sources and the Military find these claims to be absurd. The U.S. is watching this account to understand who the Taliban considers enemies. The Taliban's feed is mostly links to their website "Islamic Emigrate of Afghanistan". Their followers have jumped from 1000 to 3000 within days of posting in English. The feed can be found here. The Taliban follows 4 other feeds. Kavkaz Center, Feed Twit, Nunnasia, and Alsomood. 

You can check out an article on the full situation at!


  1. As a U.S. Marine. This seriously cracks me up.

  2. yet another reason why i don't use twitter.

  3. couldn't they track the ips of the users to catch the people posting all this stuff?

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  4. lol twitter propaganda in the middle east. Twitter should not be taken too seriously by people, since its only another social network, and not an outlet for news.

  5. A CNN article about twitter. What a surprise.