Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2nd Breach

Sony on Tuesday reported another security breach, saying 8,500 user accounts had been compromised.
The company said that Sony Music Entertainment Greece learned about the data breach late Sunday. It affected artist websites where fans can sign up for newsletters.
The sites were taken down immediately, the company said.
The compromised records contained email addresses, phone numbers, user names and passwords. On April 20, Sony shut down its PlayStation services after a security breach exposed personal details of 77 million users.
The PlayStation Network -- which allows users to play games with friends around the world and download movies and games over the Internet -- went offline after officials learned days before that a hacker stole personal information from its 77 million users.
Sony officials did not disclose the breach until April 22.


  1. Bad news keep on piling up on top of Sony's head.
    Also has anyone seen a big surge of free PS3 giveaways coupled with some sort of wireless plan, etc., guess now they'll be giving away the console since no1 really wants to buy it now.